On the road and in the classroom…

It’s been some time since I’ve been able to post, but I guess that’s a good indicator of how busy we’ve been!

After launching the site at the end of March, we were incredibly busy with the Easter season.  We launched 4 new, well-received flavors: Honey-lavender caramel, Guinness Dark Chocolate Ganache, Ginger-lemon caramel and Chai tea latte, in addition we tried our hand at peanut butter and marshmallow filled eggs. And lastly, we offered the ‘Best of the Bunny’ solid chocolate bunny ear lollipops and white chocolate truffle cotton-tails.

Immediately afterward, my chocolatier classes began to ramp up, as I embarked on some business travel to Boston, NY, Sarasota and Chicago which occupied most of April.  In between cities (and sometimes while on location) I learned about different methods for tempering chocolate, held a semi-formal chocolate tasting, and completed a research project on sourcing wholesale chocolate for my business. I also developed two new flavors intended for Mother’s Day: Hibiscus & Fig Caramel and Rose Amandine, although they arrived a bit late…  So to say I’ve been busy is an understatement!  Now in mid-May, we begin the modules on flavor development and signature chocolates.  Over the next few weeks, we’ll be experimenting with fillings: flavors, ingredients, styles and with techniques: molded chocolates, dipped, decorations and embellishments… this is the exciting part, so stay tuned!

In the meantime, I will share with you some of the lessons I learned – starting with tempering.